About Us

Global Cleaning prides itself on providing trained staff with experience in providing cleaning service in the industry for over 15 years. We have demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate, and deliver a high quality service to and looking outside the square and have hundreds of satisfied customers and repeat customers.

Global Cleaning follows the best practice models for the industry along with being fully insured. We pride our self on providing outstanding services to our clients through suppling suitably trained staff to suit individual client’s needs.

Global Cleaning will maintain contact for the periods of contract to ensure client needs are continually being met in line with the requirements. There will be one point of contact for the duration of the cleaning contract and there will be allocated cleaner for the job. This enables a quick and easy communication between client and Global Cleaning.

Global cleaning is flexible enough to react to changing client requirements and proactive in solving clients individual needs. We deliver a unique personalized service supported by a professional and dedicated team. Our approach to cleaning is partnership between Client and Global Cleaning. Global Cleaning starts with providing quality cleaners.

Global cleaning also believes in training staff and on the job training will be provide to the cleaners. We constantly engage our suppliers to inspect our cleaning sites and advise on latest technology and innovation. This enables Global Cleaning to keep up to date with industry standards and legislation.

Our method to deliver the service is flexible accommodating as we understand the business world is ever changing and we are experienced to suit changes in customer needs. Global Cleaning ensures quality control through providing staff with relevant experience in the areas of cleaning.

We strive to be the safest and hygienic company in our field by putting client safety and employee/sub contractor safety above all else. Our zero tolerance for injury and unhygienic premises is where our pride lies. It is our policy to consider the environment and to achieve an industry best practice position on environmental matters through compliance with statutory standards and by minimizing adverse impacts resulting from our operations and improving our environmental performance. We will maintain our reputation for quality, by achieving standards which comply with specifications and contractual obligations, we encourage employee involvement in the development and continuous improvement of quality practices.


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Servicing Areas Plumpton, NSW Mobile: 0413 942 939 | E-mail: info@globalcleaning.com.au